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Model and Type I: Epistemic History of Building Types

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schlimme Beginn: 18.10.2017, WS17/18
Seminar Wednesday 12 - 14, A 201 B
Topic of the seminar is the historic dimension of typological thinking and design. Building types are epistemic categories. This means shared knowledge about the characteristics of functional, spatial, volumetric or structural disposition, which are expressed through constantly updated architectural characters.
How is type codified? Is there a critical mass of shared knowledge in order to talk about a type? Is type a notion of mainstream? Can a new type be invented? The seminar will analyze to what extent the differentiation of the urban environment goes hand in hand with a differentiation of architectural typologies. Theme is tho study structural changes in typologies, the contexts of typological innovation and transformation from the enthusiasm for Antiquity in the Renaissance through industrialization and mass society to CAD- simulation and BIM.
Students will analyze specific moments, built examples, discussions and approaches from the last 500 years, present results in the classroom and write term paper. Aim of the seminar is to unfold the porential of typological thinking through history as school of thought.

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Prfungsleistung: Presentation in the classroom and written paper

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